Email Templates

Spend less time on email with custom templates.

Table of Contents
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    Create New Templates

    Step 1

    1. Navigate to the Templates submenu in the left column navigation

    Step 2

    1. Click the down arrow to activate the dropdown list
    2. Select Create a new template

    Step 3

    1. Enter a descriptive name for your template. This will be used to reference your template when composing new emails.
    2. Enter the email copy you want to appear in the template
    3. Click Save

    NOTE: If you would like to include variables in the email, see screenshot below for adding those into your email copy.

    Using Your Templates

    Step 1

    1. Compose a new email or select an email to reply to
    2. Click on the Templates link inside your compose window or use the shortcode keys (CMD + ; on a Mac, ALT + ; on a PC)

    Step 2

    1. Start typing in the name of your template to filter - this is useful if you have a large number of templates
    2. Select the template you want to include in the email
    3. If you have custom variables setup and your contact is in your DropResponder CRM, the variable will be automatically populated. If you are still seeing the variable name (as seen in the below screenshot), you will first need to add the contact in DropResponder. 

    NOTE: You can include more than one template in your emails.