Sending personalized emails

The sky is the limit for much you can customize!

When creating your email sequences, you can do a ton of customization and personalization.

You can use {{ variables }} that will inject data (like name, business name, etc) inside your email templates.

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    How to personalize your emails

    1. Start typing out your email
    2. When you're ready to insert a field, click 'Drop in custom variable'
    3. Choose the field you want to add

    Personalize the Subject Lines

    You can personalize subject lines, we just don't have a fancy editor. Here's how to do it.

    Preview an Email Before Sending

    Just click "Save" on the email, and it will show you a preview, including with the personalized tags.

    Personalize URLs

    For ultra-personalization, you customize links:

    1. Find the variable {{ code }} by dropping down the variables, for example {{ website }}
    2. Select and highlight the text you would like to hyperlink
    3. Click the link icon
    4. Type {{ website }} as the URL

    Personalize UTM Parameters

    Similar to links, you can insert a variable {{ code }} inside of a link, such as a UTM parameter.

    For example, you could do:{{ full_name }}